Belly Dancers

All dolls are fully repainted, sewn and embellished by myself. I have restyled all the hair on my dolls unless otherwise stated. On a rare occasion, I will reroot the doll as well. I have carefully and meticulously drafted each and every pattern I use for my dolls to ensure a perfect fit. It is important that you the collector have a truly original piece and thus, I try to keep my fabrics from being over used as much as possible. This offers YOU, my client, a vast array of designs and dolls to choose from.

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*I am sorry, but time does not allow me to take custom orders*

Formerly from the 007 Barbie / Ken set

Doll is a full facial repaint with newly styled hair. She wears a bedlah that is encrusted with a mix of Swarovski and Czech. fire polished crystals as well as hand sewn beads and sequins. Her delicate chiffon multi layered skirts are trimmed out with metallic gold threads. Her scarves and veils are all trimmed / edged with coordinating metallic gold threads, sequins and beads. Hand crafted head piece, shoes and jewelry made by yours truly.



Looks a bit familiar to you? She is formerly Trixie from the Speed Racer set.

This doll has a full facial repaint. Her original hair style was left in tact.

Her belly dance costume is fashioned from fabrics that were imported expressly for Gilly Gals from Bali. She has an extensive amount of Swarovski and Czech fire polished / AB crystals that encrust her bedlah. Her beadwork, jewelry and dainty head piece are all hand crafted. She is a striking doll with a lot of glory and class. A bit of traditionalist peeking through with her pearl necklace and classic hair style. She is royalty.


Formerly one of the Cali Girl dolls, this beauty has a full facial repaint and newly styled hair.

Her costume is bright, cheery and happy! You can nearly see her shimmy and swirl in your mind! Her bedlah is accented with tiny seed beads the size of poppy seeds and smaller! A lovely Swarovski takes center stage on her choli style top and hundreds of beads trim the neck and waistline of it. Scarves and veils are all trimmed with Czech firepolished / AB stones, crystals and various micro beads. The needles I use are nearly the size of a hair! Her jewelry, shoes, head piece and other such accessories are items I have hand crafted. She really is a very stunning doll!


The below dolls are no longer available