All dolls are fully repainted, sewn and embellished by hand. I have restyled all the hair on my dolls unless otherwise stated. On a rare occasion, I will reroot the doll as well. I have carefully and meticulously drafted each and every pattern I use for my dolls costumes to ensure a perfect fit. It is important that you the collector have a truly original piece and thus, I try to keep my fabrics from being over used as much as possible. This offers you a vast array of designs and dolls to choose from.

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Formerly Bath Boutique Barbie

I have always wanted to create a steampunk themed genie! I've had the findings and accessories for a couple of years now. The design just never hit my mind. I was clueless where to being with her. I actually had a dream and this doll was in it! So here she is now!

This darling is sweet yet takes no punch she cant give back. Be careful what you wish for with this one! She's tricky! LOL!

She is full facial repaint. All traces of her original factory paint were removed prior. Since she has a fun, fantasy feel as a genie, I felt she needed to have some metallic gold face paint to really make her shine! (Thos of you who know me, know I am also a face painter. This often times will bleed over into my doll work.) Oh, and obviously, she has had her hair restyled, too.

 Her bedlah is fashioned from a faux leather fabric and gives off a rustic, worn look. I have adorned it with various gears, beads and sequins. She even has genuine garnets on her veil, which is fabric from Bali that I had imported expressly from a clothing manufacturer there! A last idea was that I decided to give it a feminine feel with a laced up, corset style back.

I love to crochet and I take pride in creating the genie bottles my girls wear at their hips. ONLY the genies get them. The belly dancers do not. As will all of their bottles, this one is adorned with coordinating beads. I was happy with how it looked when I finished with it. The bottles alone take over 5 hours to make.

Can we talk about her hat and her goggles! OMG! This is my favorite part of this doll!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was to create those goggles! I painted the details on them and put the gear on as an after thought. It was just laying on my desk looking at me.. LOL! I picked it up and don't know where the idea came from, but I put it on the one eye. I actually bought these goggles over a year ago with this doll in mind. I can't find them again. I've looked. So this girl is indeed a One of a Kind. I couldn't duplicate her if I wanted to.



Formerly DOTW Princess of Cambodia

This particular doll is probably one of my favorites to work with. I love the facial sculpt and she always looks fabulous in teal!

I started with a full facial repaint and a slight hair restyle. Her bedlah is a shiny metallic gold and is encrusted with Swarovski crystals, Japanese seed beads, sequins, Turkish coin charms and Checz fire polished beads. Her genie bottle is hand crocheted. I often have people ask me if I buy them that way. Nope, I do that myself. :) It is decorated with coordinating beads. Her veil is the last of this gorgeous white floral chiffon that I have. It came from my supplier in India and I can not get any more of it.

The most challenging part of this doll is the the bedlah. It takes HOURS and HOURS of work to place each bead, crystal and charm. This particular doll took well over 80 hours to create.



Formerly Cali Girl Teresa

Although the doll above this is one of my favorites to work with, this particular Teresa is a crowd favorite. Every time I make a genie with this one, she is the first one to sell. Teresa has a very sultry face sculpt when painted correctly. She is my favorite sculpt to paint and this time I added applied lashes to her. I like variety in my work and hope you guys and gals will, too!

She has a heavily decorated bedlah in pinks, gold and white. I tried to use a lot of AB items on her. I really wanted that fire polished look to pop with this one!

I added a great deal of metallic gold embroidery on her costume. I then added vintage pearl charlotte's to the embroidery. I am sad to no longer be able to get them. Many of the items I have used are no longer available to me. I am not sure how this will affect my work. It remains to be seen.

Her bottle is hand crocheted and decorated with matching beads. Yes, it opens with the cork. All of their bottles open.

Her headpiece is so unique. I was really happy with how it turned out. I just kind of was winging it with it. LOL It works for her! It has Turkish coin charms dangling from it towards the back. I love the fabric I used for her pants and I hope you do as well. I looked for it the last time I was shopping from that supplier. No longer available. I hope they replace it with something equally as pretty! The gold on it is shiny and perfect for a genie!

I have fashioned her slippers and they have matching beads and pearls on them. Her costume was finished off with three white ostrich feathers at the hip. Just for a bit of fluff n stuff. LOL!

I hope you enjoy her!

Please let me know if there is anything further you would like to know about her! :)




Formerly Camp Teresa

You do not see a blonde Teresa often at all. I think that Teresa makes a GORGEOUS blonde! I love to have a good variety of dolls to offer, and this is one I love to work with!

She is a full facial repaint with newly styled hair. The top of her bedlah is metallic gold and trimmed with antique 14 KT gold overlay charlotte cut beads, crystals, sequins and beads. It is centered with a Swarovski floret. Her hip scarf is created to coordinate and was centered out with a 14KT filled drop, and then various fire polished crystals, Swarovski and beads were added. Her harem pants are a bright and cheery splash of color! Enhanced with matching beads and sequins. Her scarf is fashioned from fabrics I have had imported from Bali expressly for Gilly Gals! Again, they are also trimmed in the same beads, fire polished stones and Swarovski crystals. Easy fit 'bracelet loops' on all of my dolls' scarves allow for a variety of poses and a bit of 'play value'. On her hip hangs her genie bottle. I have crocheted it's metallic gold casing around the bottle. It's not possible to crochet it and THEN put it on the bottle. I've tried that many times with no success, so it had to be crocheted onto the bottle. I then sew beads and sequins onto it, to bring her look together! Her head decoration, jewelry and shoes were all created by yours truly!

All dolls below are no longer for purchase.