All dolls are fully repainted, sewn and embellished by myself. I have restyled all the hair on my dolls unless otherwise stated. On a rare occasion, I will reroot the doll as well. I have carefully and meticulously drafted each and every pattern I use for my dolls to ensure a perfect fit. It is important that you the collector have a truly original piece and thus, I try to keep my fabrics from being over used as much as possible. This offers YOU, my client, a vast array of designs and dolls to choose from.

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Formerly Camp Teresa

You do not see a blonde Teresa often at all. I think that Teresa makes a GORGEOUS blonde! I love to have a good variety of dolls to offer, and this is one I love to work with!

She is a full facial repaint with newly styled hair. The top of her bedlah is metallic gold and trimmed with antique 14 KT gold overlay charlotte cut beads, crystals, sequins and beads. It is centered with a Swarovski floret. Her hip scarf is created to coordinate and was centered out with a 14KT filled drop, and then various fire polished crystals, Swarovski and beads were added. Her harem pants are a bright and cheery splash of color! Enhanced with matching beads and sequins. Her scarf is fashioned from fabrics I have had imported from Bali expressly for Gilly Gals! Again, they are also trimmed in the same beads, fire polished stones and Swarovski crystals. Easy fit 'bracelet loops' on all of my dolls' scarves allow for a variety of poses and a bit of 'play value'. On her hip hangs her genie bottle. I have crocheted it's metallic gold casing around the bottle. It's not possible to crochet it and THEN put it on the bottle. I've tried that many times with no success, so it had to be crocheted onto the bottle. I then sew beads and sequins onto it, to bring her look together! Her head decoration, jewelry and shoes were all created by yours truly!

All dolls below are no longer available.