All dolls are fully repainted, sewn and embellished by myself. I have restyled all the hair on my dolls unless otherwise stated. On a rare occasion, I will reroot the doll as well. I have carefully and meticulously drafted each and every pattern I use for my dolls to ensure a perfect fit. It is important that you the collector have a truly original piece and thus, I try to keep my fabrics from being over used as much as possible. This offers YOU, my client, a vast array of designs and dolls to choose from.

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*I am sorry, but time does not allow me to take custom orders*




Formerly a Harley Barbie, this glittering convection for the eyes is a full facial repaint. Her hair has been meticulously restyled in one of my signature hair styles that I first did nearly 20 years go! Her bedlah has gold accent work along with mirco beads that are the size of poppy seeds! The needle I use are nearly the size of a hair. She has various Swarovski, Czech and Japanese firepolised beads.





All dolls below are no longer available.